Hello and welcome to Artist Artifacts! The site where you donate to charities for a chance to win a cool experience! Thanks so much for considering working with us. It means the world to us because we are the same. We are passionate about music, artists, shows and fans…and we think you are too. We want to help artists and fans strengthen their connection, while trying to do positive things in the world. So we work with artists to bring you unique, exciting, one of a kind items/experiences all while supporting your favorite charities. Now we know we aren’t the first ones to have this idea, however, these items usually end up going to the highest bidder. That never sat well with us because most fans never had a fair shot at winning.

So we set out to do things differently…and Artist Artifacts was born. It’s easy to participate…simply click on a raffle you’re interested in and donate whatever amount you choose to the organization that is being supported. That’s It! You’re entered into the drawing. Everyone has an equal opportunity to win. Good luck!

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Win Show Tickets!

Enter for a chance to win tickets for awesome shows and concerts up for raffle! For only 10$ not only are you helping charity but you're entering for a chance to go to an awesome show!

Win Once In A Lifetime Experiences!

Ever wonder what it's like to hang out with your favorite band? Be in a music video? See backstage? Well now it's possible! For only 10$ enter for a chance to win!

Give To Charity

85% of all proceeds earned from our raffles go to different charities all around the world! Not only are you winning amazing experiences, you're helping people all over the planet!