Frequently Asked Question

Q: What charities do you donate funds to?

A: We let the artist who donated the experience choose which charity they would like the raised funds to go to!

Q: How much goes to charity?

A: 85% of all donations earned go to the charity of the donator’s choice!

Q: What is the minimum donation?

A: We suggest 10$ to be your minimum donation.

Q: If I donate more than 10$ do I have a better chance to win?

A: No. If you donate more than 10$ you will not have a greater chance of winning. All donations are equal. If you want to donate more to help out the charity that is great, but it will not increase your chances of winning an experience.

Q: What is the maximum donation allowed?

A: There is no maximum donation, but donations can only be made in increments of 10$.

Q: How will I be alerted if I win an experience?

A: You will be emailed immediately once you have been chosen for an experience!